Company history

The development of the Loick Group

The Loick Group has been developing and manufacturing novel products from renewable raw materials as a substitute for conventional plastic products since 1994. It produces packaging materials, moulded parts, films, injection-moulded articles, catering accessories and toys made from renewable resources (corn semolina) and plans, builds and operates biogas plants.

The roots of Loick AG lie in Hubert Loick's efforts to find new ways of utilising agricultural products, taking into account ecological production and disposal methods. Two ideas for applications have emerged based on agricultural production and land management:

  1. The production of organic materials (packaging materials and bioplastics) from renewable raw materials, and
  2. the production of bioenergy through the disposal and recycling of biomass.

The knowledge acquired through many years of practice regarding optimal production of renewable raw materials from agricultural land and regarding the role of agriculture as a provider in closed-loop systems forms the base of the two resulting business divisions of Loick AG:

Securing and production of biomaterials (Loick Biomaterials) and production of bioenergy (Loick Bioenergy). The cultivation of renewable raw materials, their use in the production of biomaterials and the subsequent utilisation of biomass for energy form a closed cycle, which helps to preserve natural resources and to relieve nature of the burdens of energy consumption and waste.