Loick AG’s motivation and goals

“Everything that is against nature will not endure in the long run”:Like Charles Darwin, Hubert Loick also shares this opinion. He has made it the company goal to develop, manufacture and sell products made from renewable raw materials, which have a high degree of environmental compatibility along the entire product life cycle compared to conventional products such as petroleum-based plastics.

Loick AG has set itself the following goals:

  1. Production of biomaterials and plastics which can compete in terms of price with conventionally produced plastic and packaging materials, even without subsidies, using modern industrial processing technology in production.
  2. Development of product ideas that are particularly suitable for production from renewable raw materials.
  3. Construction of production facilities for the production of biomaterials using state-of-the-art and extremely efficient technologies.
  4. Construction of bioenergy plants in synergetic combination with production plants for organic materials.
  5. Further development and optimisation of the production of renewable raw materials as sources of energy and materials on agricultural land as well as the continuous increase in yield per hectare.